Informal Essays and Musings

What Is Gabberjam?

January 13, 2022 — Timothy W. Duncan

My wife, Dechen, is a poet -- a rather fanciful poet at times. I was writing plans to begin a new vocal ensemble and I invited her to contribute a name for the ensemble-to-be. She took the invitation seriously and forthwith returned a notepad page full - front and back - of candidate names. This could have been something out of Lewis Carroll. Some entries were:

  • Jade Orange Quartet
  • Colors Classic Ensemble
  • Gracious Gone, and (you guessed it!),
  • Gabberjam.

I ended up with a totally different name concept for my ensemble, which is another story, but I loved so many of these names that I adapted them to different purposes. In building this website I wanted to share my visual art, poems, music and essays, and somehow Gabberjam seemed the perfect title.

Just for fun (what else?), I built a couple of word clouds (thanks to Andreas Mueller) out of these names, from which I have created separate posts. I hope that you enjoy.