At the Intersection of Art & Spirituality

Since at least as far back as 1969, I have been engaged with questions about how art and spirituality interact within an individual (i.e., myself), but also within the larger space of society and culture. This engagement has taken the form of a number of artistic projects (as well as “life projects”) along the way. I embarked on a clear change of direction in the early 1990s based on issues – again both artistic and spiritual – that had been gestating within me for decades.

This website is itself a project in which I will attempt to unravel some interlocking themes that have motivated this series of projects. I will share some examples of original work, as well as further reflections on the meaning of that work.

Spirituality is a vague and loaded term. Many individuals that I know have had painful experiences around various expressions of spirituality, while others that I know pursue their spiritual aspirations with great enthusiasm. Some people view art as their religion. For my own part, I observe that there is a mysterious overlap between the artistic pursuit of excellence and the spiritual pursuit of purpose and contentment. While I don’t feel that my own efforts have yielded ultimate answers, I hope that the issues that my work raises will inspire thoughtful discussion. I invite you to read, listen, and reflect along with me.

Thank you for visiting my website!

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